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I am a private investigator who conducts enquiries on matters that disturb to the excess corrupt governments, matters that everybody of their privileged classes seek to hush up at all prices because it could damage the reputation of influential people who often have common interests.

So they use their relationships inside infamous sects to manage above all to cover each others in granting the complete silence of their members even if it means practicing infamous abomination rituals without any moral kind of limit which could permit in this Machiavellian way to blackmail each others after just as: if you reveal what you know about me then I could reveal what I know about you…

As a detective and for this case, I prefer to keep my anonymity, not only because I fear retaliation but I have received as well threats when I wanted to investigate deeply about this matter which concerns the Greek composer, Mikis Theodorakis and his iniquitous mistress, the famous singer « Fairouz » from Lebanon: in fact they have both kept hidden sexual relations for over forty years and even have got illegitimate children that they have thrown in Paris by falsifying all their certificates of birth, still trying to destroy them after from behind through their political connections during more than twenty years.

When I have received the illegitimate son, I wondered these fundamental questions:

• Why Fairouz and Mikis Theodorakis, needed to falsify so meticulously and so perfectly all the identities of their new born sons in France?

[France has indeed specifically adoption laws called X adoption which could legally guaranteed the complete anonymity of the natural parents.]

• Why have they moreover completely cheated the birth date of their children by seeking to put them already at the birth older with two or three years?

• Why did they put their sons in a family from Moroccan origins and particularly from the region of Sousse in southern Morocco where these two celebrities, members of a satanic brotherhood, use to practice there sorcery just as satanic masses.

I would like to inform you about what I discovered on this terrible case and all the political bands where these famous unscrupulous personalities are in ties through Satanic activities then this site is to let the people understand that these celebrities are just pure rots who, are constantly covered behind some humanitarian Associations or corrupt religious institutions, only in order to enhance their image and to improve their sales by pretending to all how they care for the welfare of humanity like they demonstrate it with their illegitimate sons.

You will find difficult to believe what you are going to read, because the mask of these scoundrels is well served by the media which mostly do not even try to hinder this caste of influential personalities and too many newspaper editors are often muzzled by the French political circles almost subservient to Freemasonry and other sects of the same kind.

In this case involving Mikis Theodorakis, I notice that even his family did not talk about it and the worst with the famous Lebanese singer nicknamed « Fairouz », her own damned son Ziad denies this case which is well-known today in the middle of independent honest journalists.

People have the right to know the true face of these hypocritical celebrities which reveals to be in fact real bastards when you discover what they really are and that is why I decided to write this site even if it will shocked the naive regulars use to sanctify artists without knowing their true face like with this actual case of Roman Polanski.

In terms of Mikis Theodorakis and the famous Lebanese singer «Nouhad Haddad»: they are more members of a lodge in Paris which was many times implicated in satanic activities.

I hope people who read this blog do not feel frustrated from such a scoop and understand that my duty is just to inform: this singer from Lebanon is a vile debauched rot exactly like this great demagogue of Mikis Theodorakis who is nothing else as an impostor.

Read this blog if your heart cares only about the facts and the truth.