As you know, Mikis Theodorakis has always had a great friendship with the Mitterrand, moreover, he attended Francois Mitterrand in the same club left very « socialist » Freemasons where only the richest of the caste are invited.

And when Francois Mitterrand was able to “care” personally of the hidden son of Mikis Theodorakis in France then this French President, was, in addition also a sacred scoundrel, had much with a lot of points in common with Mikis Theodorakis since both have not ceased to deceive their woman without principle and even had got illegitimate children.

When a journalist, Jean-Edern Hallier wanted to investigate about the secret daughter of Mitterrand then his head was soon placed in execution and still actually nobody know this editor is really dead, just like many people who were disturbing François Mitterrand, for example the Minister Pierre Beregovoy, who was found “suicide” exactly like Francois Grossouvre, who wanted to publish a book with the proofs that Mitterrand was a double agent employed by the nazi regime in World War II : this manuscript strangely disappears after the death of François de Grosouvre.

As private detective, I denounce these masked crimes.

Besides Mitterrand, Mikis Theodorakis continues to maintain very close relations with his rotten widow who was even used even to accept the countless infidelities of her husband in the matrimonial home with underage girls.

François Mitterrand was also a paedophile like avoid his private doctor, and like many personality of the French caste including Roman Polanski, his nephew, Frederick Mitterran, this homosexual, write himself in one book how he was used to practice paedophilia with young children nevertheless, despite the scandal of his writings, he has not even been expelled from his current position as Minister of Culture [ rather Culture Minister of « paedophile »] and this is very symbolic of the impunity of these people like Mikis Theodorakis who are above all the laws in France, a Clique who always claim to defend the smallers, but in reality rape more the children of the poorest just like they violate every judicial rules for decades at the expense of the most vulnerable working classes.

For an overview of the level of infamy with this clique where Mikis Theodorakis is a pure specimen in Greece, I let you appreciate the confessions of his friend Frederick Mitterrand, published in his book: