Mikis Theodorakis who has always pretended being very close to the people of humblest classes to fight the big enemies of the globalist system nevertheless as the proverb says: « tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are « !

The best friends of Theodorakis are curiously all members of freemasonic lodges and that speak volumes about his hypocrisy starting with Francois Mitterrand, who was the worst leader of this mafia in France without mentioning that he was a pure Freemason and the well known member of the infamous Committee of the 3OO …

All this French pro-imperialist Clique is curiously his friend, to him, this primary anti-capitalist and anti-American impostor who however, go only around with this people of this caste as well his best friend, Guy Wagner biographer who lives in Luxemburg, is himself a member of the most active of the largest French Masonic lodges who have only intended to use secrecy and companionship among elites to promote the laundering of their dirty money : that which proves to all the incessant demagogy of Mikis Theodorakis and then pushes to question to the veracity of his so-called historic commitments dedicated to others with his pseudo resistance during the dictatorship of the Colonels: Was he rather not a pawn of the military regime, responsible for disclosing the names of the true opponents of the junta, who finished mostly died in prison.

Do you know that precisely the wife of Mikis Theodorakis, Myrtho Altinoglou has strangely managed to escape from her prison at the time of the Greek dictatorship and this moreover with her two children ahead of the eyes of the military still holding them captive; confess that it is a too naïve story to believe they were really opponents, right?

Finally, I leave you the picture above of some criminal high Lodges which Mikis Theodorakis and his friends have the habit of meeting themselves in the greatest secrecy and I hope you understand once and for all that this artist is nothing more than a pure liar and a great impostor of the worst sort.

His illegitimate son, whom I met personally, could confirm above all with what he endured from this crook without any moral conscience for the dignity of others, is only a rogue and a traitor…

If you want the truth then search it above all but do not swallow the bullshits of Caste exclusively composed of high corrupt powerful media and politics totally in ties and completely organized like a Mafia and these Greek politics in the government who seek to defend Mikis Theodorakis just so exactly as this artist defends them back like recently in accusing the U.S.A. to be responsible of this crisis simply because this asshole and his politics friends are still all members of the same rotten « circles ».

PS. The biographer of Mikis Theodorakis, Guy Wagner, who he lives in Luxemburg, the countries of laundering dirty money for thieves European politicians, wrote a book to honour freemasonry in forgetting to mention that at the times of Mozart, Freemasonry was still different from this vicious actual Mafia that becomes this sect [  » Brother Mozart »]: Essay on Mozart and freemasonry » in French (1991)