As I have already demonstrated, the French friends of Mikis Theodorakis are curiously all part of the same corrupt rotten caste, displayed at the left, use to break all laws to the detriment of injured middle class for decades by all their wickedness in abusing of their judicial impunity that protects them from all convictions.

This permanent judicial immunity demonstrates that these personalities does not belong to a political party but more to a Mafia which has no other purpose than to abuse their privileges against the smallest people and to swindle them with demagogic speeches like Mikis Theodorakis, who is a blatant symbolized example of disloyalty.

Among his friends, there are the famous homosexual Jack Lang, the rapist paedophile Roman Polanski and the homosexual paedophile Frederick Mitterrand, and even the so socialist pro-American Minister Kouchner who recently wrote a letter directly to the attention of Hillary Clinton asking her to do everything in her power to prevent Roman Polanski to be extradited to the United States in short these crooks of the caste are so familiar in France to walk above the laws, that they have shown with this Polanski case how they subvert the justice in France for decades so they just have stopped using pressure to save in any means their friend Roman Polanski against the American Justice even in abusing of their influences against all specific principles which grant the judicial independence of the American Justice.

In this same way, all the Judicial proceedings initiated in France by the hidden son of Mikis Theodorakis and Fairouz concerning the forgery of his complete state-civil documents, his clandestine removal at the birth without any respect for the French and the Greek adoption laws, this illegal abandon, the harassment policies: all the procedures led against these abuse have been blocked for decades to prevent Mikis Theodorakis and his mistress to be sentenced to prison terms and heavy punishments.

In Greece, the practice of this French caste is the same since the illegitimate son had directly registered a complaint on 27th September 2004, personally conducted at the Division Dept. Security Police in Attica, Homicide Section of the Police Headquarters of Athens in Alexandras Avenue 173, but this declaration was completely obliterate under direct orders of Costas Karamanlis to prevent all sentences to be followed against Mikis Theodorakis in the high court in Greece on this matter.

I let you appreciate how the political French caste of his friends’ system works in France particularly with the so « socialist » Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, Sarkozy who want to prevent at all costs the U.S. Justice to judge their friend Roman Polanski.

Bernard Kouchner had already still organized in 1977 a petition to free in jailed paedophiles who had also raped a girl of thirteen years at that times and have a look inb the following petition to notice by yourself that the homosexual boyfriend of Mikis Theodorakis, Jack Lang, had participated in that protest against Justice.

When Kouchner and Jack Lang were the advocacy of paedophilia

« On January 29, 1977, in Paris to be tried for acts of paedophilia, three persons, MM. Dejager, Gallien and Bruckardt.

In the newspaper Le Monde on January 26th , you can then read the following petition:

« We believe there is a clear disproportion between the qualification of ‘crime’ that justifies such severity and nature of the allegations and, secondly, between the obsolete nature of the law and daily reality of a society that tends to recognize in children and adolescents the existence of a sex life (if a girl of 13 years is entitled to the pill is for what?), THREE YEARS IN PRISON FOR LOVE AND caresses, THAT ENOUGH!
We would not understand that, on January 29th, Dejager, Gallien and Bruckardt do not find freedom. « 

Have signed this release : Louis Aragon, Francis Ponge, Roland Barthes, Simone de Beauvoir, Judith Belladonna, Dr. Michael Good, psychologist, Bertrand Boulin, Jean-Louis Bory, Francois Chatelet, Patrice Chereau, Jean- Pierre Colin, Copi, Michel Cressole, Gilles Deleuze and Fanny Bernard Dort, Francoise Eaubonne, Dr. Maurice Erne, psychiatrist, Jean-Pierre Faye, Dr. Pierrette Garrou, psychiatrist, Philippe Gavi, Dr. Edmond Pierre Gay, psychoanalyst, Dr. Claire Gellman, a psychologist, Dr. Robert Gellman, a psychiatrist, Andre Glucksmann, Felix Guattari, Daniel Guerin, Pierre Guyotat, Peter Hahn, Jean-Luc Henning, Christian Hennion, Jacques Henric, Hocquenghem, Francoise Laborie, Madeleine Laika strong> Jack Lang George Lapassade Raymond Lepoutre, Michael Leyris, Jean-Francois Leotard, Dionys Mascolo, Gabriel Matzneff, Catherine Millet, Vincent Montaillou, Dr. Bernard Muldworf, psychiatrist Negroponte, Marc Pierret, Anne Querrien, Grisélédis Real, François Regnault, Claude and Olivier Revault Allonnes of Christiane Rochefort, Gilles Sandier, Samuel Pierre, Jean-Paul Sartre, Rene Scherer, Philippe Sollers, Gerard Soulier, Victoria Therame, Thonon Marie Catherine Valabregue, Dr. Gerard Valles, psychiatrist, Helen Védrines, Jean-Marie Vincent, Jean-Michel Wilhelm, Danielle Sallenave Alain Cuny and « Bernard Kouchner ».

In 1977, the physician and co-founder of Doctors Without Borders, Bernard Kouchner was 38 and enough in good spirits when he signed this legislation defending paedophilia …  »

CASE « Polanski » :


PARIS – The French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner said Monday on the France Inter radio he had written with his Polish counterpart to the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to demand the release of Franco-Polish director Roman Polanski.  » / strong>

The head of Polish diplomacy Radoslaw Sikorski had said Sunday that Poland and France were to ask Washington to release all of the filmmaker, who was arrested Saturday by U.S. arrest warrant in Switzerland.

Mr. Kouchner has emphasized that this joint approach is based on the fact that Roman Polanski is French and Polish. « We also wrote to Hillary Clinton. We have contacted the lawyers, » he said.

Kouchner criticized « the way justice is used » in case: « This is not justice community, we acknowledge, is how it was used », he commented, remarking: « Switzerland calls on the Roman Polanski film and knows he will come. » « All that is not very pretty, » he has said.

« It’s a little sinister story, frankly. A man of such talent recognized worldwide, especially in the country recognized that stops, it’s not that nice » has found the head of French diplomacy.

Kouchner had argued that the Swiss authorities on Sunday that Paris wanted « this case is an early outcome, in talking with Micheline Calmy-Rey, Federal Councillor in charge of foreign affairs.

At 76 years, Roman Polanski is the subject of proceedings initiated against him by U.S. authorities in 1977 for a sex scandal and was unable to set foot on American soil since 1978.
The Polish-born filmmaker, was naturalized French in 1976.

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