By M. Philopoulos

Private investigator

At the present time when Greece was left in a deep crisis with a huge deficit that was hidden to all the Greek people and when this financial hole could have put the entire population in misery, I think it is important that the Greeks and his elites realize the level of corruption in our institutions.

And if I decide to reveal you about the result of my investigations for which I was in charge so it is precisely that every Greek could understand how the information is completely distorted and manipulated almost by too many depraved elites who are just to be blamed in this sense.

Mikis Theodorakis is the symbol of these imposters because when he has the audacity to cover his corrupt politics friends from his caste in pointing the responsibility of Merkel or Obama in this financial crisis then he proves only that he tries to defend only a clique of Greek traitors where he belongs himself since very long times and who don’t want to assume their financial crimes in searching above all a foreign scapegoat simply because the responsibilities relies more on the Greek politicians thieves and their corrupted ways.

Merkel and the European Union have help the Greek States with 115 Milliard of Euros and they didn’t force the Greek government to accept to enter in the Euro Zone exactly like nobody compels our politics to cheat their account but recently, Mikis Theodorakis, this authentic manipulative liar, has accused foreign countries to be responsible of the Greek crisis but he has never mentioned the fact that this crisis arrive only with the irresponsibilities of the corrupt Greek politicians where he belongs himself so he tries to defend them because he is just the same thief and liar who have absolutely not one conscience for the well-beings of the people of Greece.

Mikis Theodorakis belongs exactly to this political caste and he is even the worst traitor in Greece that our country has never worn on its breast.

Indeed, this politician who has always pretended to be so sensitive to the principles of human dignity, is in reality nothing else than a pure demagogue liar of the worst kind and beyond the fact that he was released by the dictatorship of the colonels in 1970: this was the proof to all that this is a crook because obviously if he was a real opponent of the regime Junta at that time then he would have been killed like all his friends and certainly not let alive like it happened.

As a detective, I investigated about this odious character to grasp how it is nothing but the worst manipulative hypocrite in Greece and a liar like these capitalist politicians from the Greek clique where he belongs so he tries only with his recent accusations to defend a caste of financial criminals inside the government in any means in accusing foreign countries only because this Mafia always protect his reputation like a significant affair which proves completely what Mikis Theodorakis is in reality since very long.

In fact, I have received few months ago a letter from someone who told me that he was the hidden son from Mikis Theodorakis and how he was abandoned at his birth in France with false papers, just to preserve the reputation of this bastard of Mikis Theodorakis.

Mikis Theodorakis has even gone so far as to do everything to destroy his son’s life in France with his corrupt political relations who are almost the same kind of rots than in Greece through Francois Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac so his son was harassed more than twenty years only because he was searching his true identity to grasp what was and who was behind his troubles for so long times.

At first, like all Greeks who like this singer, I thought this case was a story but after many inquiries then I have sadly discovered the true face of this decay of Mikis Theodorakis and I am sorry to disappoint the Greek in revealing through my fair mind the truth about this crook because the truth is the truth, you can accept it or not, too bad for you, but at least my investigations helped me concretely to understand that this composer is nothing else as a dirty bastard of the worst kind and has not even shown in the slightest compassion for his son that he has tried to destroyed in any means only to preserve his so called holy reputation.

This case showed me how Theodorakis is nothing more than a pure traitor and he has any respect for others besides himself, moreover, how a man who would be so enthusiastic to break an innocent son from his own blood only to save his reputation could be supposedly so concerned about the injustice that affects the world or the Greek people as he wants to let believe.

How a man who was untrue to his wife for over forty years could claim to be faithful to his motherland Greece?

How can a man who pretends to be so patriotic when he betrayed his own wife, his children and throw even his illegitimate one in France in seeking to destroy him like all evidence of his adultery?

I therefore call upon your deduction and your logic for this fundamental case based on serious investigations and please permit me to objectively unmask the face of this bastard, because the truth proves that this artist is absolutely not what he shows to the public and for confirmation as he prevents in any means that the truth about his hidden son could be revealed like all the abuses he committed to destroy him and in the same way Mikis Theodorakis did everything to block me to divulge this case and I even had got violent political threats in France just to tell you how his rotten French partners belongs to the same dirty European clique who are like an international mafia and where all the Greeks people like the French people are swindled for decades.

As you know, Mikis Theodorakis was surprisingly too easily released by the military junta in April 1970 and remind well that at the time his wife Myrtho and his children were still imprisoned in his place: He was taking great time in Paris with a Lebanese singer instead of to fight back to free his wife so he spent his days having sex with a singer as hypocritical and treacherous as him, the famous singer « Fayrouz » of Lebanon.

His relationship with this singer has lasted more than forty years in great secrecy and it is therefore quite normal that when a man has slept with another wife for so many years that he eventually end up with illegitimate children after.

But when this illegitimate son was born, this secret affair should be keep in secret, consider that Mikis Theodorakis and his mistress have immediately decided to hide their newborns illegally in the greatest indifference and they falsify all his documents with a cunning and vile family from Morocco so totally different from his culture of origin and moreover without even taking care to observe at least the laws relating to the International adoption, however, based on Greek conventions where the Greek constitution calls for protection of children.

In principle, a baby, being of Greek descent, should be placed in a Greek family but he was thrown out in a vile foreign garbage from Morocco paid to break his child since very young and this even nevertheless neither Mikis Theodorakis and nor his mistress are from Muslim culture or Moroccans so why did they not place this child in a Greek family in respecting the Greek adoption rules?

I remind you again that his mistress, the singer Fayrouz from Lebanon, is a Chaldean from Minor Asia and from Christian culture just like Mikis Theodorakis as well.

This family’s choice was not related by chance as Mikis Theodorakis thought from the beginning to destroy sadistically his son with incessant political harassments behind his back.

Thus, for proof, Mikis Theodorakis has harassed his son for over twenty years with the support of his rotten political depraved connections in France.

When his son began to investigate about the origins of his troubles in an effort to discover his true identity and who was behind these permanent harassments, Mikis Theodorakis has seen fit to use the Jewish relations from his friend Jack Lang to let believe that his hidden child was the son of a Palestinian terrorist while seeking so to manipulate the Israelis in hoping they could eventually kill him.

Mikis Theodorakis has even got sex many times with his homosexual Jewish friend, Jack Lang, who promote everywhere the gay pride around the world and this homosexual friend accepts to manipulate the Jewish lobby in France for this reason.

So Theodorakis’son has spent over twelve years to search the causes of a lot of slanders and spent twenty years to endure the French harassments until he discovers his true identity in 2004.

Then, he has flied directly to Athens to make a complaint to the homicide section of the Executive Security Police Department Division located at 173 Alexandras Avenue but when he returned to Belgium, all his declaration was deleted after and I get the proof because he has hired especially a Greek advocate who learns that his statement had been completely blocked on the instructions of this capitalist crook Costas Karamanlis, so good friend with the pseudo “leftist” Mikis Theodorakis!

Thus, this Greek caste still refuse to a son of Greece, whose all rights have been violated since the birth, the only fundamental right to restore his birth documents even while he still living actually with false certificate of birth, a false identity prepared by an administrative fraud without any respect of the Greek adoption rules so this son still does not even know his age.

And today, these vile Greek political support all the injustices committed against this son of Greek blood and defend all the abuses comlitted by Mikis Theodorakis with any solidarity with the victim therefore Mikis Theodorakis has the right to deceive his wife, to throw his son in hell with false birth certificates and still he can pretend the judicial immunity even though he has made everything to destroy his child with his political connections in France.

His son, whom I met, never had any intention of being recognized by this asshole of Mikis Theodorakis that he considers as a true hypocrite and a traitor to his own blood but he sought only to restore his certificate of birth since the references contain erroneous origins and did not even mention his real date of birth.

His son also believes he should have legally been adopted in a Greek family at his birth in accordance with the Hellenic Constitution as the Article 21, which defends child protection and family obligations in this regard of complete respect for the adoption laws.

You know like me that in the Christian religion, the identity of a child is defined by the bond of father so his son, born of a Greek father with both parents Christians, should have had normally to grow up within his Greek culture but it was not even the case.

Mikis Theodorakis rejects still actually all the responsibilities of forty years of infidelities and insincerely suppose that his son has to go to see his mother despite his son does not even know his mother since he was abandoned by his both parents at the birth moreover Mikis Theodorakis should normally care that his son could as least be adopted by people of his homeland at that time because the identity comes originally by the natural father’s line and he should protect him in this way.

Mikis Theodorakis has slept with this woman and both should have ensured the welfare of their son in full respect for his own blood because a child is never to be blamed for his birth particularly when the infidelities came from the responsibilities of these depraved celebrities.

Mikis Theodorakis himself has cheated his wife and his son is not responsible for such a bastard traitor who was not faithful to his wife during all his career so it’s not his son who has to pay for adultery and a child can not arrange this matter with his unknown mother but rather Mikis Theodorakis should arranged this affair with his mistress because he slept with her and he is the father.

A son of Greece is seeking justice for being hidden away from his native Greek Land and culture without the benefit of any respect to the Greek adoption rules, justice is required for twenty years of political harassments, and if he asks Greece to resolve this matter then it is only because he is a son of Greek blood and from a Greek line ancesters.

This critical case demonstrates that Mikis Theodorakis, is irresponsible, does not even respect his own blood and besides, he has continued to deceive his wife Myrtho Altinoglou in Paris even when she was incarcerated in his place under the dictatorship of the colonels so his wife knows quite well about this affair and about the true face of her husband who betrayed her since forty years but strangely she still prefers to stay with him despite all his infidelities and she accuse cowardly the consequence of Theodorakis adultery that is to say “the illegitimate son”: here is the objective moral integrity of Mrs Myrtho Altinoglou !

Any Greek Lady who has the least principles and a smallest honesty would have already divorced for a very long time from such a bastard asshole who has absolutely no respect for his marriage and his family, out it must be admitted that Mytho Altinoglou prefers slackly condemns only the victims of her adulterous husband in throwing all her hatred against the illegitimate son who is responsible for nothing and even not to exist rather she doesn’t go to prosecute the perpetrator who left her wrong during all her life namely Mikis Theodorakis.

I am a serious detective who was commissioned to investigate at the highest level on this matter and what I discovered is nothing else as the truth that I reveal you and if Mikis Theodorakis still denies his own adultery then he just proves that he is only an imposter, a pure liar and a full historic traitor so what should we trust him for his loyalty ?

If I hit the illusions of so many naive Greeks then I’m sorry and if so many idiots need to sanctify an asshole at the point to stay so blind about his crimes even ready to spit on the reality then the truth has to be admitted as well because I had myself personally nothing against Mikis Theodorakis before but only investigations opened my eyes: so this guy is just a crook and a traitor even with no loyalty to his own wife and his own children.

This truth was already easily predictable for too long since Mikis Theodorakis was released too quickly by the dictatorship nevertheless the Junta wanted his head at any price at that time and when his own friend Gregoris Lambrakis at the head of a movement had been killed then why not Theodorakis who was after leading his party!

These shadows are pretty clear for the understanding of any fair minds and no respectable father is ready to destroy a son by using the worst political tricks from abroad, this shows that he has nothing of a so called humanist man of principles, respectful of the human dignity like he use to let believe for decades with his public demagogic speeches.

Mikis Theodorakis has simply promote his image to favour his music ‘s sales and now I am ready to provide information which will prove to anybody that I’m not lying but too many Greeks prefer to lie to themselves in idealizing a rogue and refuse to watch the truth to the front of them.

A true noble man does only respect the truth and not the lies, I am a specialized detective and my integrity does not care if the person named Mikis Theodorakis or Karamanlis as my interests and my mission were to investigate precisely about information, then my duty push me to reveal to all Greeks the truth and the true face of a pure demagogue who has deceived the whole Greece with his systematic treasons just like he always tried to hide to his wife, his infidelities in trying even to destroy his illegitimate son in any means with his worst French connections and if he stayed strangely constantly alive in his life despite the fact that all his Greek Politics friends were killed then we should actually wonder why?

Outside, learn that even the Greek Orthodox Church has refused to intervene for this hidden son of Greek blood and has totally covered Mikis Theodorakis in this very serious case of child abandonment, destruction of person just because this crook know quite well how to deal with the corrupt Greek system particularly with the dirty clique where he belongs himself use to manipulate the people even with the corrupt religious Greek Institutions that he paid the silence, exactly like with the medias and his political friends.

Mr. Papandreou who claims to be socialist is no different from the other Greek political otherwise he would have reacted to allow a son to return to his homeland less in restoring his identity which is totally falsified with wrong birth civil documents and certificates.

By asking you therefore to forward this message to all your friends, family, radios, newspapers so that the Greeks could open their eyes and see the true face of an evil traitor that has always manipulated and cheated the whole people of Greece by hiding himself behind a bunch of masks with massive dirty tricks.

The mask has fallen and I hope the Greek people, so proud, are brave enough to discover how evil is this man that I have just pointed out to you, and you still ignore all the rest of the case otherwise you would spit on all his C.D. and albums.

The proof of my sincerity is pretty clear because I don’t expect as detective to become venerate but I just expect to the people of Greece to make pressure against the Greek authorities to allow finally to an abandoned son of Greek blood to obtain the legitimate right to get his false civil documents in order and therefore to have the vital right to return to live in peace in his Greek country without having to suffer the persecutions of this bastard who refuses to accept the consequences of all his infidelities and who still shows that he is nothing else as a crook much more disrespectful of the Greek laws as what he constantly accuses against others countries like England which respects much more their children and the economic transparency of their people than this asshole and his capitalist Greek Clique of the government who don’t care about small people and even used to extort all the fund from your finance.

In the case you would be interested in learning more about his son then you can contact me but I reserve the right to make known my identity because I do not want to end up under the threats of a criminal Greek politician network where Mikis Theodorakis is just the pure incarnation.