« The Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if God’s children, then heirs, the heirs of God and heirs with Christ » Romans 8:15 b-17a

What has to think a pure Christian disciple of religious principles about a person who abandons his babies clandestinely abroad after having falsified all their identity?

What should think a so supposed moral priest like Christodoulos Paraskevaidis about someone who has not hesitated to use all his political connections to break his illegitimate son so treacherously abroad?

What would suggest a « Christian » as much as nationalistic and so fanatically fundamentalist like was the Patriarch Christodoulos about a man like Mikis Theodorakis?

Moreover a crook politician like Mikis Theodorakis, who is linked to freemasonic practices that are more in ties to Satanism rather than the religion of Christ, a debauched bastard who has betrayed all his political beliefs, has deceived his own wife Myrtho for over forty years and even thrown some illegitimate babies without ever taking responsibility in this regard.

What should had to think a fundamentalist fanatic priest like the Arbishop Christodoulos so supposedly committed to Christian principles in this regard?

However Christodoulos has not only refused to intervene in this case, when he was personally contacted in 2006 to disclose to this serious matter, since this son is totally Greek by the legal rules relating to paternity and according the Christian traditions: indeed the identity of a child is well defined by the patriarchal lineage, however, Christodoulos has not only deigned respond, but the worst after a complaint made directly to the Holy Synod and to His attention, Mikis Theodorakis was even after personally invited by this head of the Greek Church and other members of the Holy Synod to be honoured so this proves that the principles of Greek Orthodoxy is not limited only to benefit money from the Greeks, but also to honour the worst scoundrels who do not even has shown a single Christian principle and even for the rights of Greek children.

However, the Christian religion taught by Christ sees children as sacred and must be considered in this regard as an important instruction of Christ, therefore, out of respect for that faith; we must admit that the Greek Orthodox Church does not practice the rules of Christianity otherwise Mikis Theodorakis would be accountable to them instead of being decorated.

So take a look in « this video«  to point out how was so Christian this so-called Christian fundamentalist of Christodoulos who honoured Mikis Theodorakis for his money while knowing quite well that this artist is totally false and contrary to the commandments of the Bible for more than forty years and didn’t has respected his own wife like his own children.

With money, the Greek Orthodox Church soon forget and forgive all sins, even those of a politician in ties with Freemasons and who have a habit of practicing criminal rituals and black masses in the well-known satanic region southern of Morocco.