Jesus once said …

« if you had 100 sheep and one that strays. Would you not leave the 99 sheep to find the one who was lost and to bring him home »

This famous principle of the Bible has nothing to do with the practices of the Orthodox Church which has not only refused to intervene for a lost son who was covertly and illegally hidden by his Greek father, but rather covers all the violations of the Greek laws perpetrated by Mikis Theodorakis and his mistress Fairouz in a very serious case of child abandonment.

Mikis Theodorakis, who has always tried to show in the eyes of all the Greeks his so-called national solidarity is in fact only a pure imposter and had absolutely no other goal than to boost his image by pseudo-humanitarian acts to better sell his music and this hypocrite is similar to the whole cast of profiteers of the Greek Orthodox Church exactly like the politics of the Government where they are an integral part.

Thus, like all crook politicians, the Greek Orthodox Church does not even show a single principle of Christian values in this sense otherwise it would immediately be touched at least to restore the false identity of an abandoned Greek son who still actually lives with a certificate of birth completely fraudulent.

Indeed, the son had not even been adopted but discarded illegally in France with false birth documents you can well understand that he expected to obtain formal documents of state-ordered by civil authorities of Greece since his paternal lineage is Greek, therefore, as well as his country is logically Greece through his natural father then do not forget to remind all violations committed against the Hellenic Constitution, including Article 21 which requires the total protection of children.

In addition, the Greek Orthodox Church, which has a fundamental moral role through the Greek institutions, according to its traditional rules which defines the identity of a child only through the paternal lineage which all laws are based on Greek principles in respect of the Christian tradition nevertheless despite these violations committed by Mikis Theoodrakis, the Holy Synod of Athens has not only refused to support an abandoned son of Greek blood but has rather covered all abuses used by Mikis Theodorakis in this case, rather to condemn his acts of adultery against his wife which have lasted over forty years hard not to forget the abuses against the illegitimate children who have paid almost all the price of this sordid affair by the clandestine exile since the birth.

Thus, the Greek Orthodox church, with its great influence throughout the government in Greece would not even support the injured son even when he has written during the year 2004 to the most fanatic of them who was supposed to be the Archbishop Christodoulos Paraskevaidis: This patriarchate has not even replied to his request to get through the Chruch a legitimate solidaritry ahead of the Greek government to regularize at least his falsified birth Civil status.

This priest has no moved the smallest finger to follow a inspection to the Greek governments to seek clarification on the complaint the injured son made directly to the Division of the Security Police of Athens (Alexandras Avenue 173) against Mikis Theodorakis.

Nevertheless Christodoulos was the most nationalist priest and certainly the most conservative of all Greece and according to its own moral supposed Christian obligations, he should defend the rights of the son of Greek blood, but the Holy Synod did not react solely because this institution is completely corrupted by money and Mikis Theodorakis sent them a check to get their silence in this affair.

I think you will consider this case to understand that even a biological son of Greek lineage that has seen all his rights violated since his birth, has got absolutely no help from the Greek government and even not from the Orthodox Church.

I hope that in reading this message you will understand the serious situation in Greece and why it is so important to transmit this message to all Greek journalists, media and officials, close friends in the administration so that all the Greek people understand how Greece is totally under a system of widespread corruption for decades.

Even Christodoulos, who was supposed to be a so-called fundamentalist Christian, has no kept a single moral attitude in fact he has only tried to preserve his privileges in this case.

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